A Little Bit... 

More About Me! 

Recent Achievements

Web Designer,

Instructional Tech Consultant,

and Information Sharer! 

I am an advocate and lover of  Creating   New-Ish.

My name is LaQuanda, and I am from Western New York and currently resides in Houston, TX.  I love watching documentaries and binge-watching Reality TV Shows ( currently binge-watching 90-day fiance).

I am a lover of all foods; cheesy and saucy... Don't judge me; I work out!

My beautiful designs and commitment have helped new entrepreneurs get online to achieve their goals.


Time to prove my credibility...

During the day, I am a Training & Consulting partner at ProQuest. My primary responsibility is to educate customers on digital technologies that enhance information discovery, sharing, and data management. ProQuest customers include academic, corporate, government, school, and public libraries across North America.

I am also the  Co-Founder of WOC+Lib and serve as the Director of Marketing & Outreach. I'm primarily responsible for marketing, brand development, and recruitment. I specialize in public relations by raising WOC+ Lib brand awareness by successfully implementing marketing strategies that include: public relations activities, audience identification, and establishing media and outreach procedures.

The reason for She Creates Tech?

I created She Creates Tech LLC  because it was my way to solve problems by applying creativity, design, and technology to assist my clients with their unique goals. There were many instances where I would meet amazing people who were let down by their own lack of experience with technology and design. This would cause them to miss out on opportunities and become frustrated!  I created my platform to create a safe space to consult, collaborate, and assist potential clients with avoiding those feelings and limitations.


Have I won you over yet?

My mission is really simple, to help you engage and connect with your audience while developing your brand! 


Take a look at the She Creates Tech LLC services list to see how I can further help you.


I am interested in learning how we can collaborate ( seriously, share your gift don't sit on it!).


Check out my original portfolio & CV Here